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two dogs sitting in a car

Our favorite dog Bullitt will try anything and everything. His adventures are legendary.

Most Recent Art

Bullitt & the Troll

Now I have a Troll in Issaquah to deal with? It’s go time.

Dog Bar

How’s it going Bullitt? Want your usual?

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The best view of all

Mt. Rainier from a paraglider. It is humbling and awe inspiring. An unforgettable view—take it in.

Wind Surfers

Surfing the winds and thermals over Tiger Mountain.

High Wall

How daunting this rock wall would be to climb. That’s what inspired me to paint it—not climb it.

Tulip Fields

Inspired by the the tulip fields of Mt. Vernon. Such an assortment of colors.

a painting of a mountain covered in snow

Mountain of Color

I’ve always been captivated by Mt. Rainier. What I envision is all the colors I have ever seen come together.

Aliens Among Us

Whether you believe or not—it’s fun to imagine. What would it be like?

Speeding Bullitt

If you don’t know Bullitt, you should! He’s my crazy dog that is eager to drive.

Golden Chute

The paraglider rides the thermals rising from the valley. They own the sky.

Falling Mutts

Oh c’mon! Who doesn’t like parachuting dogs?


Maybe Elon Musk should send man’s best friend first to make sure it’s safe for humans. If so, Bullitt is ready to go.

Rowing on the Lake

Rowing is integral to living near Lake Union and Lake Washington.

Issaquah Trolley

This art was commissioned by the City of Issaquah to the volunteers of the Issaquah Trolley Association.

a painting of a bear crossing a stream

Hungry Bear

This bear is looking for some delicious Salmon along the Issaquah Creek.

an eagle is flying over a body of water


Salmon are amazing in how driven they are to jump over obstacles like this.

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